Purchased a house in South Burlington, Vermont

I felt comfortable with Kyle as soon as we began speaking over the phone last spring. We had a unique situation in that we needed to find a new home in Vermont, while still living and trying to sell our home in Chicago.

I went into my home shopping experience with hesitation because I didn’t know anyonein Vermont that I could trust to find the right house for my large family and all of our requirements. Kyle didn’t back down from our challenges. He immediately made me feel comfortable with his calm demeanor and knowledge of the area (this was a lifesaver!). I had to be able to trust the agent I was working with because we were so far away, and that wasn’t an issue with Kyle. In addition to trust, I felt like Kyle was truly listening to my needs and not just shoving listings at me that didn’t fit our needs. Lastly, but most important to me, was his patience. Kyle is incredibly patient. He made videos of homes that I was interested in because I couldn’t see them for myself. He called me every day to check-in, to give me updates and to calm me down if needed (always needed). When I felt particularly stressed, like when inventory was low, or when we considered building, or when our offers were turned-down, Kyle was there to support me and talk through everything, keeping me calm. When our looming school start date was closing in on us, Kyle quickly arranged temporary housing. He took all of these things in stride and never wavered.

We finally found a home that fit the bill, but it was being sold by owner! I was so worried that the sellers wouldn’t want to work with our agent, but Kyle approached the sellers and I think they loved him as much as we did! These sellers, like most FSBO, needed help with all of the formalities and he had no problem helping them too, knowing that we wanted this house. Some agents would not have been willing to get involved with a seller selling by owner situation, but Kyle approached it so professionally and was able to successfully coordinate all parties to see the sale come through.

On another note, once we moved here, I didn’t know anyone but Kyle, and when I didn’t know where the football field was for my son’s practice, he was the first person I called for help. Kyle is a great person, and on top of being a fantastic agent, I am grateful for everything he did for us. He went way above and beyond and while I hate to move…If I do, I’m calling Kyle and you should too.

— Andrea Rosamilia