Purchased a condo in Burlington, Vermont

I can highly recommend Kyle Adams as a focused, motivated, engaging real estate agent. His attention to detail, friendly personality, housing market knowledge and tenacity were helpful in making the buying of a condo as simple as possible. When we began the process of looking for a place for ourdaughter to live, we were not sure what we wanted; Apartment? Condo? House? Our search began online to see what was available. We saw something of interest and clicked on the site and through that, we were connected to Kyle Adams. Kyle immediately reached out and asked what our parameters were for our search. We told him we were not thinking of buying till the following summer and gave him a run-down of what, where and how much we had in mind. Kyle put us on his Email list of property and kept the communication lines open. Six months later, when we were more serious about looking, Kyle was right there to dive in with us. We appreciated his “can-do” personality and felt he was with us every step of the way. We had a specific location in mind and Kyle was focused on finding out what was available in the area. His tenacity and connections in the real estate world allowed us to be shown a condo that just came on the market. His understanding of the housing market and how pricing strategy work allowed us to make a reasonable bid assuring us of getting what we wanted. We are the proud new owners of a lovely condo in Burlington, Vermont. We couldn’t have done it without Kyle.

— Jayne Couillard Coia